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What’s Different About Trading Computers?

My Name is Eddie Z and I am the author of How to Buy a Trading Computer & Save Thousands. I have been trading the financial markets for over 20 years, and during that time I have come to learn what technology online traders need, what works best and what does not. This is just one article 50 EZ Tips on How to Buy a Trading Computer. My goal in this series is to educate you, inform you, and hopefully save you over 1000 dollars on your next trading system.

A Question I hear almost all the time is: What differentiates a Trading Computer from your average desktop computer. Well, there are several important differences. First, most traders need the most up to date processors in their computers. They need a CPU that can run sophisticating charting and graphing software, quantitative computerized trading strategies, real time stock data and video video news feeds, and lightning fast communication with the internet..And they need these programs to work together all at the same time!

Next they need a ton of RAM. When traders are running multiple sophisticated trading programs and bringing in tons of data, that information has to stay in active memory to be useful, Otherwise the computer will write the data to the hard drive and valuable decisions making time will be lost.

In addition, most traders crave desktop real estate so that they can see all of their charts, indicators, news and real time prices all at the same time. This means multiple monitor support and usually 3 or more large flat screens. Another difference is communication with the internet.

Obviously, traders need the fastest connection possible. Even if you have a lightning fast broadband provider, if your computer is not equipped to handle the speed, valuable decision making and order execution time can be traders computers need the fastest Ethernet ports available. Also many traders like have multiple internet connections as a backup. This could be having 2 ISP coming into your home or office. For example, DSL & Cable.

Another thing traders need absolute dependability in their system. This means having the highest quality components inside the machine including the processor, motherboard, hard drives, and power supplies. Could you imagine being the midst of trading a large position and having your computer crash? That s why it s important have the best components inside your trading computer.

And lastly backup systems..meaning battery backups, surge protectors, multiple hard driveseven a backup computer when all else fails. These are the main differences in a trading computer over your mass manufactured desktop. If you ve found this information helpful make sure to get my Free Guide AND Video Tips on How to Buy a Trading Computer and save thousands..The guide and videos are completely free and contain all the knowledge and information you need to get an awesome trading system for the lowest price possible and avoid being ripped off.

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