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Trading Computers


Educate Yourself On Trading Computers!

When shopping for trading computers, how do traders measure value?  Well there are several factors the trader needs to consider:

  • Processing Power
  • Quality of Components
  • Technical Support & Warranty
  • Price

Processing Power:  Traders should never ever skimp on processing power.  Generally, Traders should obtain the highest level of processing power that they can afford.  In addition to considering the power of the processor itself,  important consideration must be given to the motherboard chipset used and the type of the hard drives used.  Be wary of builders of trading computers that do not disclose motherboard manufacturer or chipsets used.  They are most probably using questionable quality, inexpensive boards in an effort to make more money.

Quality of Components:  Traders need to be aware of the various components that go into trading computers.  It is even more important to understand  know which brand names are the best, have the best manufacturers warranties and which ones have the least possibility of failure.

Technical Support & Warranty:  Most computer builders and manufacturers these days only provide 1 Year of technical support.  Usually, as most of us already know, that tech support is handled by an overseas outsourced company and communication is notoriously difficult.  Ideally, tech support should be US based and have a compelte understanding of your trading computer configuration and how trading software functions on a trading computer.   When it comes to the warranty, most trading computer companys provide 1 Year.  Generally speaking, most make you pay for additional years of warranty.  As a trader, you should be careful when dealing with a company that doesn’t back its machines. 

Price:  Price is always an important factor when considering a major purchase.  The absolute lowest available price should not be only criteria for purchase.  Make sure you compare value; –  processing power, quality of components, tech support & warranty COMBINED.

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